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A Growing Business at Unity
Unity Casket has added several new models to its lineup of caskets. Introducing the Delane (pronounced De-lane'), the Reverence and the Unity Metallic. Available in a variety of colors, styles and features, the Delane line consists of 20 gauge metal, non-gasketed.

The Reverence, currently available in Black Metallic is 20 gauge metal, gasketed. Rounding out the series is the Unity Black Metallic and Unity All White. Both models are 20 gauge non-gasketed. Look for them on our website under the Metal > 20 gauge gasketed or 20 gauge non-gasketed.
Although Unity is best known for offering a great selection of caskets at exceptional prices, we’ve also expanded our accessories and supplies division. Something you may not know us for. But now you should.

Simply put, we’ve been supplying more and more funeral homes than ever before with a large selection of industry supplies including disposable gloves, masks, garments, sheets, fluids, wood and metal crosses, shipping containers and much more. Plus, special order items are just a phone call away. Unity Casket... caskets and a lot more!
We think you’ll find these new units provide a unique niche for discerning clients who favor a more upscale presentation with the quality their loved one's deserve.

As always, Unity provides extremely competitive pricing. For specific questions and pricing, contact Ed Baivier (Sales) via email or call Unity at 414.332.1160.
  The Reverence Black Metallic
  features a unique wrap-around mirror side.